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MHOX is a design research group. Through projects and project-independent research it explores new methods and technologies for product design and architecture.

MHOX was born in 2012 as a EU-funded research initiative by Filippo Nassetti and Alessandro Zomparelli with a focus on generative design and 3d printing for the innovation of wearable products. Since then it has engaged with both speculative and commercial projects, from masks to prostheses, fashion accessories to medical products.

A reflection on the human body, its relationship with technology and evolution in possible futures is central to MHOX work, together with an interest in changes of the notion of nature in the digital age. Wearable products are body extensions, objects or systems that integrate the human body to mutate its aesthetic and functional potential, and this vision is explored through the production of artifacts and prototypes.

MHOX work has been exhibited and published internationally, from The New York Times to The Economist, Mashable to Wired, Dezeen to Designboom, Design Milk to Motherboard.