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carapace accessories .

Carapace Accessories are CARAPACE PROJECT products. A collection of fashion accessories including bracelets, earrings, a necklace and an iPhone 6 cover.

Carapace Accessories bring into everyday fashion the design research of Carapace Masks, presented by the brand at the beginning of 2015. Forward to nature, they blend biological aesthetics and futuristic manufacturing, introducing radically new products.

The Carapace pattern is inspired by the microstructure of crustaceans' and insects' exoskeletons. Biodigitally grown through a generative simulation, it differentiates objects' areas allowing to modulate their structure, resistance, permeability. 

Each object is 3d printed in a strong and light nylon. Their lightly porous surface gives them a more natural feeling. The collection is entirely designed and produced in Italy.


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