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carapace . VR-mask

After envisioning a potential evolution of the human body with the Carapace Masks and establishing the CARAPACE PROJECT fashion brand, MHOX pushes further its research integrating a virtual reality visor in a new Carapace mask. The environment itself is now embedded in the product, a prosthesis that extends the potential of the human body to the exploration of multiple possible virtual worlds.

Carapace VR-Mask is a concept of a 3D printed mask that integrates a virtual reality visor, headphones and BCI (Brain Computer Interface) sensors, providing an immersive experience based on deep symbiotic interaction between the device and the user.

Using neurological information it is possible to alter the virtual experience of the individual according to personal sensations, amplifying or transforming visual or auditive streams on the basis of different mental states. This allows software developers to create sensitive environments that feel user sensations and react accordingly.

Manufacturing the product through 3D printing technologies it is possible to customize the mask on the head of the user, generating an intricate design that seamlessly extends his senses and alter his aesthetics.

A new biodigital identity is defined. It emphasizes the deep influence of technology in the relations with other people and the environment, to the point of shaping another possible evolution of the human body.