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neurocroma .

Neurocroma is an interactive installation for a private event based on the use of brain sensors.

In the last years a few neuroengineering companies and open-source projects released a series of affordable EEG systems, brain sensors designed to be consumer friendly without compromises on the signal quality. These devices allow you to real-time stream brain information, not only in terms of raw data but also in terms of meaningful sensations. It is possible to get measures of Attention, Meditation, Engagement, Excitement levels of the user wearing the device, and also mind-control digital operations and tasks.

Neurocroma employs the Neurosky Mindwave sensor, translating its real-time data stream in a visual projection based on color. Fullscreen vivid color gradients are generated on the basis of user’s Meditation and Attention, allowing people to navigate through their intensities and variations.

Neurocroma was designed for a private event in Bologna by MHOX in collaboration with ENTD | digital design for innovation. It is based on the research on generative design and BCI (brain-computer interface) led by MHOX with the support of Co-de-iT | Computational Design Italy.