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regenerative 0.1 .

With Regenerative 0.1 MHOX approaches a first case study in prosthetics design. Engaging with contemporary technologies, a leg aesthetic prosthesis is developed, aiming at integrating a traditional functional prosthesis. On the basis of the body scan of the user, a system of customized elements is generated to integrate missing anatomic volume and form. The elements can be produced as unique objects through 3d printing.

Images by Frank H.Netter, Atlas of human anatomy. Graphic editing by MHOX Design.

The design of the single elements and of their form and functional relationships is inspired to the muscular morphologies of the leg, in order to arrange an aesthetic balance between human figure's reconstruction and diversity's statement, evident in the element's separation, necessary assumption to rewrite a new post-traumatic identity.

With Regenerative 0.1 MHOX opens a research direction focused on the application of generative design sensibilities and techniques to the biomedical field, whose horizons blur with advanced functional prosthetics, synthetic biology, bioprinting and assisted growth techniques.